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Find all of the most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then do not hesitate to contact us at

Common Questions About SprinkleX

A SprinkleX is a modernized and efficient electric hand sprayer which is revolutionizing the way we garden. Traditional hand sprayers stress your nerves and are nearly impossible to use for more than five minutes without experiencing a massive cramp in your wrist. They also leak, break and have a poor build quality.

As for the business side, we are a small team of gardening connoisseurs who love what we do, we want to make a positive impact for everybody who loves gardening just as much as we do. Our product was created with a positive user experience in mind, our mission is to solve a common problem, so many people in The US (16 million to be exact) suffer from nerve pain, making it hard for them to give their plants love. We make it easy. We hope you enjoy SprinkleX as much as we do, if for some reason you do not, we offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at with concerns.

To activate SprinkleX, just simply hold down the button located below the nozzle to begin spraying. Alternatively, you can also tap the button twice to activate automatic mode, which means the sprayer will continue to spray until the button is pressed again.


Automatic Mode

The choice is yours, however if you would like a reference, please review our sizing chart below.

900Ml: Recommended for smaller household plants such as succulents and any other plant that requires a little mist now and then

1.5L: Recommended for a more extensive collection of house plants or a smaller set of outdoor plants, great for someone who wants a large water capacity while still maintaining a compact size.

2L: Recommended for plant lovers and gardeners alike, the strategic size of this product allows for a vast collection of plants to be watered without the weight of a watering can or the hassle of a hand sprayer

2.5L: Suitable for large gardens while still maintaining a weight of just under 5 pounds (half the weight of your average watering can) 

The SprinkleX is rated for about four hours of continuous spraying, however it is quite easy to use SprinkleX for a whole week without worrying about recharging the battery.

It is pronounced Sprink-Lex. 

you can contact us through email. Do not hesitate to email us at, we also have a contact form linked here

SprinkleX sprayers can operate for a very long time, here are the exact numbers.

900Ml: 7 minutes of continuous spraying

1.5L: 12 minutes of continuous spraying

2L: 20 minutes of continuous spraying

2.5L: 28 minutes of continuous spraying

Yes, our sprayers are able to sustain everything, from being dropped to being hit by something, our sprayers stay strong and prove their longevity.


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that we can offer you a full return within 30 days of your order. Feel free to contact our support team at, or submit a message on our contact us form here 

Nope, we will gladly ship you a free prepaid return label and box, so you do not pay anything to return it.


Yes, we offer free shipping. we also offer an expedited shipping option for $5 extra, however it is not mandatory.

Shipping to The US typically takes about 7-12 days. We apologize for the rather long delay however we are running a small business and have yet to scale towards a fulfillment center. Thank you :)

Around 7-12 days as well. However we are currently looking at fulfillment options which would allow us to lower our shipping to 2-5 days.