SprinkleX - Electric Water Sprayer
SprinkleX - Electric Water Sprayer
Green / 2L SprinkleX - Electric Water Sprayer
SprinkleX - Electric Water Sprayer
White / 2.5L SprinkleX - Electric Water Sprayer
White / 900Ml SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
Green / 900Ml SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
Orange / 900Ml SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
Pink / 900Ml SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
Blue / 1.5L SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
White / 1.5L SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
Green / 1.5L SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
Blue / 2L SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
White / 2L SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer
Green / 2.5L SprinkleX - Automatic Water Sprayer

SprinkleX - Electric Water Sprayer

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A Must Have For Any Garden.

SprinkleX is an efficient, feature-packed electric sprayer that eliminates the typical hand pain and inconvenience experienced by other garden sprayers.

Featuring two distinct spraying modes, for every occasion


Cloud Mist

SprinkleX Garden Mist
light, cloud-like mist that will give your plants a refreshing shower of water, leaving them feeling spotless and fresh.
Direct Stream
SprinkleX Sprayer Stream Garden
A more refined, direct stream of water that can spray up to 10 feet for those hard-to-reach places.
That means our sprayer can be used with every type of plant, from a simple collection of succulents to a vast array of outdoor plants. Whether you're watering your garden or just simply giving them a refreshing mist. We've got you covered.
Meet, The Long Nozzle Extension.
This accessory is what makes the SprinkleX so practical, need to spray one of your plants that are just out of reach? Attach the long nozzle extension and let all of your plants feel a refreshing cloud of hydration.

Why SprinkleX Is Right For You

One Tap Operation

Say goodbye to endless hand cramps and mediocre results experienced with an ordinary sprayer. With SprinkleX, just hold the button down and SprinkleX will begin to spray out clouds of love to your plants, assuring they stay refreshed! Or, you can also choose to tap the button twice to activate "Automatic mode" which means the sprayer will remain activated until you tap the button again! It's the most effortless spraying in the world!

Compatible with a large variety of liquids

SprinkleX Liquids

The SprinkleX Sprayer has the durability and strength to be used with any liquid. That includes anything from plant food and fertilizer to household cleaners for your bathroom and kitchen

No more hand pain

Cheaply made manual pump hand sprayers are a thing of the past. Our sprayer is fully electric and features an automatic spraying system, so you never have to experience any difficulty while gardening again.

24 Hour Battery Life

SprinkleX features a USB rechargeable battery that goes from 0% to a full charge in just 30 minutes! The battery inside is so powerful that you can spray all day without the battery level even going down. This is why SprinkleX is the best addon for any garden! 

SprinkleX Garden Sprayer USB Rechargable

A Sprayer For Everything! 

SprinkleX is a handy household tool that can be used everywhere, maybe you need to give your house plants some love in the form of a refreshing mist, or maybe you just need to clean off the countertop after making a delicious dinner. Whatever it is, we've got you covered.

Here's a video demonstrating how you truly can clean anything with SprinkleX!


Join the SprinkleX community today and see why gardeners worldwide are ditching their sprayer for ours.

SprinkleX Electric Plant Sprayer Stream Water 

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SprinkleX works great with both indoor and outdoor plants

SprinkleX All Size Sprayers

900Ml: Recommended for smaller household plants such as succulents and any other plant that requires a little mist now and then
1.5L: Recommended for a more extensive collection of house plants or a smaller set of outdoor plants, great for someone who wants a large water capacity while still maintaining a compact size.
2L: Recommended for plant lovers and gardeners alike, the strategic size of this product allows for a vast collection of plants to be watered without the weight of a watering can or the hassle of a hand sprayer
2.5L: Suitable for large gardens while still maintaining a weight of just under 5 pounds (half the weight of your average watering can)
Things a SprinkleX is great for...
Watering your garden
Watering your collection of house plants
Washing your windows
Polishing furniture
Cleaning a car
Sanitizing Tabletops
Cleaning up after dinner
As you can see, SprinkleX truly is a great sprayer with an unlimited amount of uses!